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Custom work

We can handle of all your framing needs for drawings, paintings, engravings, etchings, watercolour drawings, crafts, posters and photos. We also regularly frame objects such as t-shirts, christening gowns, baby shoes, medals, jewellery ... Atelier Vanduca also offers framing services for your mirrors, magnetic boards and notice boards.
The aim is always to find the right match between the style of the work and the surroundings in which the work will be placed. What perhaps is less obvious is the fact that we are not averse to bending the rules a bit, which usually results in unexpected and very creative solutions.


In our atelier you’ll find a very wide range of classic and modern frames, in both wood and aluminium: from very thin, sober frames, through a modern series of metal & bright colours, to classic corner-finished ornament frames. We also carry American box frames and plexiboxes. If necessary, we can make a custom frame for you in the colour of your choice.

Museum quality glass & matboard

Choose from an extensive range of colours, acid-free passe-partouts and different types of glass (anti-reflective, UV-resistant, museum glass, etc.) for optimum conservative framing. We also always place an acid-free buffer between the artwork and the back wall in MDF.
Acid-free and preservative materials are used for all our frames, ensuring optimum protection of the work. We also never glue your artworks, but rather clamp them with acid-free and reversible tapes and adhesives so that your work retains its value and sits nice and flat at all times. This artisanal work is combined with the use of computer-controlled machines for a perfect finish. Atelier Vanduca also bears the “Handmade in Belgium” label for authentic and artisanal quality products, and was awarded the “Certified Craftsman” label from the Belgian government.

Hanging systems

A Stas hanging system allows you to attach your framed art to the wall without having to drill a hole for each new piece. These systems are fully integrated into your interior, classic or modern, and once attached, you’ll never have to drill holes in the wall again and can easily change and move frames.
The system consists of a suspension rail in aluminium (also paintable), in which a perlon wire or steel cable is attached with a hook to hang the framed work.